Restoration and healing of degraded and destroyed Nature / ecocides through environmental restorative justice, permaculture and other holistic methods

If we are to respect Nature’s right to live and thrive then it is our duty to help her restore to full health what has been damaged or destroyed


Enviromental Restorative Justice for the River Pek in Eastern Serbia 

Unique pioneering project of environmental restorative justice of a very polluted river in eastern Serbia in cooperation with a world top mediator in this field KC Lawrence Kershen and his team from the Working Group on Environmental Restorative Justice from the European Forum for Restorative Justice with the local community and all the relevant stakeholders along the length of this 130km long river.

River Pek is one of the most polluted rivers in the region, due to dirty toxic polluting discharges from the nearby mine and together with initiating restorative justice for this river we will be seeking rights of river in law with the local community acting as her guardian and acting on her behalf in court and other relevant and appropriate forums, which will also be a unique and pioneering initiative in  this part of the world

Pek, polluted river in Eastern Srbia

Restoration of Serbian Mt Kopaonik rivers heavily hurt by the ‘small’ dam ecocide

As a  follow up campaign to the Tribunal for the Rights of Nature for the Aquatic Ecosystems of Europe which culminated with the Judges’ Verdict reading on the side-lines of the  IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille, France in September 2021 we put together a tentative proposal for the restorative justice for the named rivers.
We would be using the Verdict to put together a Restorative Justice proposal in cooperation with the European Forum for the Restorative Justice, which will be presented to the Serbian government with the ask to enter the voluntary process which should ultimately lead to the full restoration of the injured rivers and Nature to her full health.

River Samokovka,

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Kopaonik, Serbia

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