Protection of Nature through legal actions, primarily on the international level, using Nature’s rights to exist, live, thrive and evolve naturally as the main argument. Advocacy of the adoptions of ethics of rights of Nature as a long term Nature protection. Drafting and proposing rights of Nature laws in the national legislature, promotion of the law of Ecocide on the international and and national levels. Protection of the rights of Nature defenders through addressing relevant UN Human Rights bodies and platforms.




Rights of Nature Tribunal
Rights of Nature is a new approach to environmental law, which views nature not as a series of resources that human beings can use, but as a living subject with its own interests and rights. The International Rights of Nature Tribunal has been created to provide systemic Rights of Nature based alternatives to the false solutions and failed negotiations of governing Nation States. This “People’s Tribunal” provides a vehicle for reframing and adjudicating prominent environmental and social justice cases within the context of a Rights of Nature based Earth Jurisprudence.


The case of the small' hydro power plants in Serbia & the Balkans

As a co-founder and a member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature – GARN Europe Hub, Earth Thrive was one of the organisers and presenters at the civil society-led European Rights of Nature Tribunal: In Defense of Aquatic Ecosystems of Europe which culminated with the reading of the Judgements at an event held on the side-lines of the IUCN World Congress in Marseille, France, in September 2021, highlighting and confronting the severe challenges of ecocide and violations of the Rights of Nature over water ecosystems occurring across Europe

Some of the main goals of the Tribunal for the Rights of the Aquatic Ecosystems of Europe were:

Earth Thrive was also the presenter of the case of dam ecocide over rivers in the Balkans, showcased through the example of the Serbian mountain Kopaonik – Josanica region rivers, with emphasis on the suffering and death of the aquatic fauna, fish in particular.

The Balkan Rivers Dams Ecocide case was heard online on Saturday, 29th April and you can watch the whole Hearing here: Balkan Rivers case – Fourth hearing of the European Tribunal in Defense of Aquatic Ecosystems

The full Judges’ Verdict can be read here:
European Tribunal in Defense of Aquatic Ecosystems: The Kopaonik Mountain Rivers Vs the State of Serbia – FINAL VERDICT
We intend to use the Tribunal Judge’s judgement for concrete legal action, ask for restorative justice and eventual remediation of the rivers


Human rights to healthy environment

In March 2023 we submitted 10 official Communications with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights and Environment for the persecution of Nature defenders of a mountain ‘Starica’ near the town of Majdanpek in Eastern Serbia

The Communications were also submitted to:
UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Toxicity
UN Special Rapporteur for the Human Rights defenders
UN Special Rapporteur on arbitrary detention

The Government of Serbia responded to the allegations made in the Communications, a response which we found to be woefully inadequate and not fully truthful. 
We are in the process of consulting with the activists and the office of the UN SRHRE on next steps.

We have also organised talks with affected activists and the office of the UNSR on Freedom of Opinion and Expression, Ms Irene Khan where the activist presented the problems they are facing with free speech and persecution they are suffering for it.


Informing, raising awareness and helping with adoption and rescuing of stray animals in the region of former Yugoslavia via FB page Prava za zivotinje Balkana / Animal rights Balkan –  Future plans include legal actions and introduction and establishment of Animal Rights on the basis of the Rights of Nature through various campaigns