Non governmental organisation with charitable aims focusing on prevention and remediation of ecocides and establishment of Nature Rights & Law of Ecocide in the Balkans & the Mediterranean region Member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature – GARN Facilitators of the GARN European Hub 

We are developing and working on 3 distinctive but interconnected approaches/programs which together make for a holistic approach to Nature’s Rights to live, thrive and evolve naturally and without harm:
Prevention of ecocides through law and advocacy & establishment of Nature rights & Law of Ecocide
Education & awareness raising 
through Permaculture and other holistic environmental practices and teachings
of ecocides and Nature healing together with restorative justice

Issues of concern:
 Mining & extractive industries, environmental justice, water ecosystems & dams, trees & forests,  Animal rights, pesticides


Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature – GARN
GARN Europe Hub
London Mining Network
Yes to Life No to Mining
Stop Ecocide International
Earth Law Alliance
Ecological Law and Governance Association
Forest Defenders Alliance
Europe Biomass Campaign
Pesticide Action Network Europe
European Water Movement


Partners, collaborators and allies:

  • Earth Law Center – https://www.earthlawcenter.org
  • Ecological Citizen – https://www.ecologicalcitizen.net
  • Earth Law Alliance – http://earthlawyers.org
  • London Mining Network – https://londonminingnetwork.org
  • Yes to Life No to Mining – www.yestolifenotomining.org
  • King’s College Legal Clinic – https://www.kcl.ac.uk/legal-clinic/get-involved/kings-students
  • International Rivers – https://www.internationalrivers.org
  • Pesticide Action Network Europe – http://www.pan-europe.info/
  • FERN – https://www.fern.org
  • Biofuel Watchhttps://www.biofuelwatch.org.uk 
  • Zeleni Odred / Green Squad, Croatia – https://green-squad.org/en/home/
  • Permakultura Srbija / Permaculture Serbia – https://www.facebook.com/PermakulturaSrbija
  • Zemljane Staze / Earth Trek, Croatia www.zemljanestaze.org/ 


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